The maximum size a single trade may have differs per product.

For example, in the case of 'Stocksthe maximum is usually 10,000 GBP (or €)This means: If you open a position for 2,000 GBP with a Multiplier of x5, this equals this maximum of 10,000 GBP (5 x 2.000 = 10.000).

However, other products can have different limits. 

See below for an overview of the maximum trade size per product:


Maximum trade size (notional value)

Indices (EU/US)

200.000 GBP

Indices (Asian)75.000 GBP


200.000 GBP


200.000 GBP


50.000 GBP

US Oil

50.000 GBP


10.000 GBP*


5.000 GBP

*There may be some exceptions due to the low liquidity of certain Stocks

Please keep in mind: 

  • The absolute amount you can invest is dependent on the amount of money that is in your Account. 
  • You also cannot put your whole account into one trade only (this rule applies to account values exceeding 500 GBP).

  • A part of your total account value is reserved called (ring fenced). This amount is not available for trading as it functions as a backup for possible fees.

Tip: If you want to invest more money in a certain stock or product, you can always open more than one position. You could for example open 2 positions of 10,000 GBP in the same Stock.

Reminder: You can never lose more on a trade than your invested amount (see: Why can't I lose more money than I invest?)!