The Multiplier option allows you to multiply the amount that you invest

For example: You invest £100 and apply a Multiplier of 5. This means that your profits and losses are multiplied by 5 -> as though you’d invested £500. And you can do that without running the risk of losing more than the £100 that you invested.

The advantage is that your profits can increase more rapidly. However, the risk is that you can also lose your money much faster. 

For this reason, we make sure that you can never lose more than your investment. How? Have a look here.

Please note: The % amount that you see in bold in your Portfolio (directly to the right of the product name) is the percentage in the movement of your profit/loss including the Multiplier. 

If you would like to see the actual percentage of change without the Multiplier included, simply click on your product in the portfolio screen and check the percentage under the ‘change’ heading.

You can also have a look here: Financing fee – what’s the cost of using a Multiplier?

Already opened a trade but decided to decrease your Multiplier?

No problem, you can change the Multiplier’s value even when you've already opened a trade.

Why decrease your Multiplier?

Your trade might not be going your way, or you might have decided that you want to lower your risk exposure. If that is the case, you can decrease the value of your Multiplier while keeping your trade open with the same trade value.

How it works:

Our Multipliers are flexible:

Say you have invested £200 in Ford with a Multiplier of x4. So far you have only spent £200 of your account balance and your trade value for the trade is £800.

Now you have decided to decrease the Multiplier’s value. In this example, you can lower the Multiplier either to x2 or even x1 (= no Multiplier). 

Accordingly, you will need to increase the invested amount by £200 or £600 respectively to keep the trade value at the same level.

To adjust your Multiplier you will need to switch this option on in the Settings of your app.

What to keep in mind:

This feature cannot be implemented in all trades. The reason is the following: If you decrease the Multiplier, the final trade value must correspond to specific rounds that are supported by the app. In the example above, you cannot use a Multiplier of x3, because you would have to increase your invested amount to £267 which is a sum that cannot be traded. This rule has been put in place to keep things crisp and clear. If you have any questions about this please reach out to the support team via the app